Mobile-Friendly and Attractive Website

Mobile-Friendly and Attractive Website

In this present internet era, a business cannot thrive without a compelling and optimized website. The singular domain comprising of different pages is the finest way to interact with the potentials and convey information on your products and services on offer. A lot many people are still unaware of mobile friendly website and thus they are losing a major portion of the profit. To enjoy an imposing online presence it is must to consider such a website. However, let us peruse through the reasons for choosing mobile friendly and appealing website.

  • Finger friendly or mobile friendly website is always ranked higher by the search engines. Having a mobile friendly website is much more than simply stuffing the desktop website on a mobile screen. The users of mobile phones are focused on narrow tasks and are goal oriented. If the mobile site responds speedily to the needs of your customers, you will have an edge over the competitors. It is seen that more than 80% of the visitors make online searches using their mobile phones. Besides this, the latest Google’s algorithms rank the mobile friendly websites much higher on the search engines.
    • If your website is meant for both mobile and desktop, you are sure to have great edge over your competitors. Surprisingly, less than 10% businesses have mobile friendly websites. Act fast and get the mobile friendly webpage designed today.
    • In the year 2016, the number of people using smart phone has just skyrocketed and has far surpassed the desktop users. It is not possible for everyone to sit near their laptops or computer screens. They rather prefer to access the web page through the smart phones. You need to offer what the customers want. If you cannot offer them products via the cell phones, they will look somewhere else and your popularity will shrink.
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  • When compared to the desktop computer, getting mobile friendly website is cheap and cost effective.


  • A website which can be easily accessed through a smart phone is sure to enjoy more customer engagement. As per the latest researches, the mobile friendly website can generate twice or thrice the average traffic.


  • This is not at all possible when the site is only for computer screen. If there are more users, more time will be spent on the website. Thus, you have more chance of converting and earning profits.

A mobile friendly website can create more brand awareness. A well constructed smart phone friendly website can act as the real starting point. Since the site can be accessed at a faster pace, more time will be spent on your site.


Fast Speed

Generally mobile friendly sites have very fast loading speed.



Website which is not optimized for smart phone will be slow and take long time to load.



If this is the situation, your potential will move onto some other site.

Reasons for Having a Mobile-Friendly and Attractive Website

Mobile friendly website is the sure shot way to improve customer’s indulgence with your website and thus increase sales and ROI. People are easier with tablet computers, iPhones, smart phones than with laptops and desktop computers.